From October 2020 to January 2022, and in preparation of the Gold 2022 conference, a series of webinars on each one of the main scientific topics will be organized by the conference chairs and the local committee. Each webinar will be held on fixed dates. It will be chaired by an expert in the field, appointed by the organization committee. Each webinar will include talks from two (2) invited experts in the field: one (1) international expert whose research was highlighted by several papers published in high-impact factor journals in the last 3 years (since Gold 2018), and one (1) international expert based in Canada, who will also project the recent research advances in the field in the Country. We believe that this approach will lead to high-quality scientific discussions while arousing the interest of the scientific community for research taking place both internationally as well as in the host country. It will also help the international scientific community to connect with local experts during Gold 2022.

The total duration of each webinar will be 90 minutes.

The main scientific topics are:

  1. Synthesis of  nanoparticles and nanostructures
  2. Gold-containing molecular and supramolecular complexes
  3. High-purity gold synthesis and recycling
  4. Catalysis
  5. Electrochemistry
  6. Plasmonics (fundamentals, engineering and systems)
  7. Electronics, optics and photonics
  8. Biomedical applications of gold: in vivo applications and technologies, injectable nanoparticles and pharmacology
  9. Biomedical applications of gold: sensors and devices
  10. Energy
  11. Environment
  12. Computational approaches, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

All the information will be provided on the “Webinar” page of the conference website and will be announced in advance by e-mails.

Important Dates

Abstract submission open
October 6, 2021

Registration start
November 3, 2021

Abstract submission deadline
March 9, 2022

Abstract acceptance notice
April 6, 2022

Early bird and presenting author registration deadline
April 27, 2022

July 17-20, 2022